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Infrared Shawl

Infrared Shawl


Infrared wave shawl Function:

Eliminates thrombosis to prevent stroke. Relieves shoulder and back pain.

Infrared wave irradiation cover shoulder points:

Tianzhu; Dazhui; Fengmen; Bingfeng; Quyuan; Jueyinyu; Jianjing; Jianzongyu; Jianwaiyu.


TianZhu - relieve headache, cervical pain, eyesore, refresh your mind.

DaZhui - Stores the yang qi(positive qi) of the body, quickly solve the problem of insufficient yang qi, energize you up, prevent you from catching a cold.

FengMen - improves body immunity, increase the resistance of white blood cells to filter viruses, relieve symptoms such as cold and headaches.

Bingfeng - to dehumidify your body, relieve shoulder pain.

QuYuan - Illuminating this point relaxes your body and brings emotional calmness.

JueYinYu - solving chest tightness, arrhythmia, rheumatic angina.

JianJing - curing shoulder and back sore, paralyzed upper body, neck sore.

JianZongYu; JianWaiYu -The the points are composed of humid and hot qi. Thus can dehumidify and warm up your body, reduce chest compression.

  • Product Specifications

    Product information

    Model: 7850WS

    Content: Infrared Shawl x 1 + Power bank x 2 + USB Power Cable x 2

    Size: 55cm x 46cm Weight: 238g

    Surface material: Water repellent; dustproof ; flame retardant


    Fabric material: TPU Medical Plastic

    Light wave material: Light wave light source is LED can use for about 3,000 hours.

    Power bank: 6000 mah ; 5V - Input 2A / Output 2A

    When the product is in use, the heating of the battery

    case is a normal reaction of the battery to dissipate heat. The Battery can be recharged more than 800 times.(charge time is about 3 hours)

    Battery switch: Battery side switch button, press once to turn on, Press and hold for two seconds to turn off.


    Instructions for use

    1. When wearing the shawl, the center should be at the neck. Light waves can penetrate through clothing and reach the acupuncture points on the body. It must be used through a shirt or underwear. However, black clothes should be avoided. The width and tightness of the strap are optional, as long as you feel comfortable.
    2. It is recommended that the shawl should be used for 60-120 minutes each time, the re-use time should be about 4 hours apart. It can be used twice a day and the effect is remarkable.
    3. Light waves will boost the blood circulation, which may make people feel thirsty. It is recommended to drink more water before and after use.
    4. The product should avoid contact with water. If it needs to be cleaned, it can be wiped with alcohol disinfectant wipes.
    5. Product warranty for one year (except man-made damage).

    * Warnings and Precautions:

    1. Pregnant women, infants, surgically implanted metal sheets or cardiac pacemakers should not use it.
    2. Children between the ages of six and twelve must be accompanied or guided by an adult.
    3. In rare cases, if you feel dizziness, vomiting, cramps, etc., you should stop using it immediately.
    4. When using this product, please do not stick a medicinal plaster.
    5. Avoid looking directly at the red light wave for more than ten seconds. The light source can dilate the pupil and cause temporary blurred vision.
    6. The product is not suitable for sleeping use.
    7. The product should not be folded or squeezed with force, which may cause circuit breakage .

    Disclaimer *All information is for reference only, Yifeidie does not guarantee any specific effect of the product, this product does not have the function of diagnosis, treatment or prevention

* Reminder: Hong Kong postal code, please enter 00000
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