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Infrared Sleeping Pad

Infrared Sleeping Pad


Infrared Sleeping pad function:

Drive away from insomnia, help you fall asleep deeply.

Comprehensive improvement of low back spinal cord pain.

And Feeling warm in winter.

Infrared light waves cover the waist Acupuncture points:

Weiyu; Sanjiaohan Shenhan; Mingmen; Guanyuanyu;Dachangyu; Xiaochangyu; Pangguangyu

Weishu - cures of gastric ulcer, gastritis, stomach cramps, neurological vomiting, enteritis, etc.

Sanjiaohan - mainly cures abdominal distension, vomiting, edema, bulging, jaundice, enuresis, and sharp pain in the lumbar spine.

Shenhan - a place for the cold and wet moist of the kidney to flow through, has a very significant health care function for the function of the kidney.

Mingmen - Cures low back pain, kidney damage, fatigue, great balance and improves sexual function.

Guanyuanyu - A strong stimulation point of blood circulation, promote Qi and facilitates blood circulation.

Dachangyu - Cures low back pain; bloating, diarrhea, constipation. Functional qi reduction, reconciliation of the stomach

Xiaochangyu - solves low back pain, lower abdominal pain, swelling of the feet, nocturia.

Pangguangyu - cures urinary diseases and improve bladder function. Targeting frequent urination, constipation, back pain, cold hands, and feet, etc.

  • Product Specifications

    Product information

    Model: 7812SP

    Content: Infrared Sleep Pad x 1 + Transformer plug x 1 + Adhesive elastic band x 2

    Size: 42 x 29 cm Weight: 235g

    Surface material: Water repellent; dustproof ; flame retardant treatment

    Fabric material: TPU Medical Plastic

    Light wave material: Light wave light source is LED can use for about 3,000 hours.

    Transformer plug: DC 5V - Output 4A (Safe DC) When the plug is in use, the heating of the plug case is a normal reaction.



    Instructions for use

    1. When using it, it must be used through a shirt or underwear. Light waves can penetrate underwear directly to the acupuncture points of the body. However, black clothes should be avoided. The use time is the same as the sleep time, and there will be no adverse side effects.
    2. The position of the sleep pad put on the bed: The back ~ help you get rid of insomnia. Waist ~ can strengthen Waist and improve kidney deficiency.
    3. Light waves will boost the blood circulation, which may make people feel thirsty. It is recommended to drink more water before and after use.
    4. The elastic band can be used to cover the body position during the daytime to release the Pain, Numbness, etc.
    5. The product should avoid contact with water. If it needs to be cleaned, it can be wiped with alcohol disinfectant wipes.
    6. Product warranty for one year (except man-made damage).

    * Warnings and Precautions:

    1. Pregnant women, Kids ages under twelve and surgically implanted metal sheets or cardiac pacemakers should not use it.
    2. In rare cases, if you feel dizziness, vomiting, cramps, etc., you should stop using it immediately.
    3. When using this product, please do not stick a medicinal plaster or put medicinal oil.
    4. Avoid looking directly at the red light wave for more than ten seconds. The light source can dilate the pupil and cause temporary blurred vision.
    5. The product should not be folded or squeezed with force, which may cause circuit breakage.

    Disclaimer *All information is for reference only, Yifeidie does not guarantee any specific effect of the product, this product does not have the function of diagnosis, treatment or prevention

* Reminder: Hong Kong postal code, please enter 00000
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