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Infrared Back pad

Infrared Back pad


Infrared Sleeping pad function:

Back Pad – Solves serious long-term work or long journeys. Serious health problems.

Comprehensive improvement of low back spinal cord pain.

Accurate light waves cover the waist Acupuncture points:

Weiyu; Sanjiaohan Shenhan; Mingmen; Guanyuanyu; Dachangyu; Xiaochangyu; Pangguangyu

Weishu - cures of gastric ulcer, gastritis, stomach cramps, neurological vomiting, enteritis, etc.

Sanjiaohan - mainly cures abdominal distension, vomiting, edema, bulging, jaundice, enuresis, and sharp pain in the lumbar spine.

Shenhan - a place for the cold and wet moist of the kidney to flow through, has a very significant health care function for the function of the kidney.

Mingmen - Cures low back pain, kidney damage, fatigue, great balance and improves sexual function.

Guanyuanyu - A strong stimulation point of blood circulation, promote Qi and facilitates blood circulation.

Dachangyu - Cures low back pain; bloating, diarrhea, constipation. Functional qi reduction, reconciliation of the stomach

Xiaochangyu - solves low back pain, lower abdominal pain, swelling of the feet, nocturia.

Pangguangyu - cures urinary diseases and improve bladder function. Targeting frequent urination, constipation, back pain, cold hands, and feet, etc.


  • Product Specifications

    Product information

    Product size: Lightwave coverage bit length 21 x 21cm 

    Product weight: 48 g. 

    Mobile battery: 3000 Mah ; 5V ; In/Output 1A 

    Fabric Material: Waterproof; Dustproof; Flame Retardant Treatment

    Bottom material: TPU medical glue; anti-skin sensitive.


    Product life

    Light wave seat cushion: The light wave light source is LED, with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours.

    Mobile battery: can be recharged more than 500 times.

    Battery switch: press once to open, press twice to close. 

    Battery use: When the product is in use, the heating of the battery case is a normal reaction to the heat dissipation of the battery, please use it with peace of mind. 

    Battery charging: The mobile battery used in this product takes about 4 hours to fully charge.


    Instructions for use

    1. Light wave back pad, avoid contact with water, if you need to clean it can be wiped with a towel or alcohol below 70%

    2. The light wave back pad can be used through a shirt or underwear, and the light wave can penetrate the underwear and reach the acupuncture points on the back.

    3. The light wave back pad is equipped with a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3000Mah, which can be used for 1 hour after being fully charged, and can be used or recharged after use.

    4. The light wave back pad is connected to the USB power supply with a long connection line, which can be used as a sleeping pad to help you get rid of insomnia, and it can keep you warm in the cold winter.

    5. The product is guaranteed for one year (except for man-made damage)

     * Warning:

    1. Pregnant women should not use it, or consult a doctor first.
    2. Avoid looking directly at the red light wave for more than ten seconds. The light source can dilate the pupil and cause temporary blurred vision. 
    3. In rare cases, if the user feels dizziness, vomiting, cramps and other discomforts, they should stop using it immediately and ask a doctor to follow up.
    4. The product cannot be folded or squeezed with force to cause circuit breakage.


    Disclaimer *All information is for reference only, Yifeidie does not guarantee any specific effect of the product, this product does not have the function of diagnosis, treatment or prevention

* Reminder: Hong Kong postal code, please enter 00000
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